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Your Partner For Containerized Cargo Handling

From the middle of 90s the global economy has started changing fast. Bangladesh economy also started changing its nature and growth, especially in the export business, shipping trade, and mode of transportation of cargo. Eventually, shipment by container instead of bulk shipment has become popular day by day. In the challenging environment of global economy of competition, QNS Container services Ltd was established in the year1997, to cater the need of time in the containerized cargo-handling arena. Initially in May 1999 QNS container services Ltd. started its operation at sector 7 inside Chittagong export processing zone Bangladesh as an Inland Container Depot [ICD] for handling, storing and transportation of empty & loaded containers on a space of 70,000sft storage area. By the Year 2000, the company expanded its operation area to 160,000sft. In the year 2005, the company setup 50,000sft covered warehouse of international standard with all facilities for containerized cargo handling solution under one roof as a full fledged CFS [Container Freight Station]. The company has started full fledged commercial Export operation from the month of July 2005. In the year 2009 we have allowed by the authority to handle Import cargoes as per Government policy. We also extended our facilities on an additional area of 100,000sft which is situated 50yards distance from existing setup which led our total area to 310,000sft comprising of covered warehouse uncovered storage area.

our features
70,000 sft covered prefabricated warehouse

310,000-sft empty & load container storage pavement

The whole ICD is monitored by CCTV camera

24 hours operation round the clock.

Separate office rooms for customs, MLO, quality control officers and buyers agents

Experienced & highly skilled labor force.

Web based software

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